I came to this ancient country in search of Ghengis Khan. Never before have I found such undisturbed landscape. Undulating grasslands and tors, gentle sweeping valleys, rivers and pine forest stretching as far as one can see in all directions. To the south beyond ridge upon ridge lies the Gobi desert, vast dry and cold. Sandstone escarpments and dune basins that hide remains of dinosaurs. Nomadic herders tending goats, sheep and horses. I found a serene culture living close to the land. To the west in the Kazakh region are the mountains of Tavan Bogd, home of the extraordinary Eagle Hunter communities. To experience their hardiness and their hospitality, exemplified a simplicity borne from minimalism and need, a deep connection to the flow of the seasons, and a common grace I will never forget. 

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New book: KINDER SCOUT – The People's Mountain

Words by Ed Douglas | Photography by John Beatty Read More →

Fungi Hunting in Winter Woods

Woodlands in Britain are quiet in winter. In the Peak District where I live we are surrounded by mixed woods. Sycamore, beech, larch and birch flank many of our valley sides. After prolonged rain when the dank trees are dripping on to soggy leaf mould it is a great time to go hunting for a few common fungi species.  Read More →